Why take pro bono cases? Attorneys and their firms benefit from pro bono cases by:
  • Earning free CLE credit at the rate of 1 hour of ethics credit for each 8 hours spent on pro bono matters referred by CLC
  • A source of genuine self-esteem and career satisfaction
  • Possible chances for favorable publicity
  • Helping to improve the public image of attorneys
  • A chance for less experienced lawyers learn to deal with clients, communicate with and influence other parties and lawyers, settle some disputes and litigate others
  • Receiving referrals from the CLC of clients who can afford attorneys
  • Using the CLC as a referral agency to talk with needy people who may call your firm to determine their real needs and refer them to the best source of help
  • Comply with ethics requirements under Rule 6.1

Who else volunteers?

Paralegals, law students, college students who are interested in careers in law and other interested parties.

Students and paraprofessionals benefit by:

  • Gaining experience talking to clients
  • Exposure to public interest law
  • Sense of satisfaction and fulfillment from helping others

You too can help . . .

Pro Bono Attorneys taking cases July, 2010 through April 16, 2012:

Ball, Sabrina
Ballin, Leslie
Barlaw, Steve
Baskette, Kevin
Beard, Jason
Beard, Craig
Beasly, Tarry
Bender, Andrew
Bibbs, Carlos
Bingham, Jimmie
Blaiss, Sam
Blount, Jimmy
Bostick, April
Bradley, Beth
Branson, John
Buckner, Tim
Callison, Susan
Cantrell, Frank
Card, Murry
Cotton, Greg

Cox, Kevin
Cristensen, Laurie
Dabbous, Wendy
Darnall, Iva
Davis, Monroe
Drewry, Jimmie
Everton, Glen
Fogg, Lanier
Freeman, Annette
Gordon, Richard
Green, Gerald
Harris, David
Holloman, Frank
Horne, John
Hurd, Rhynette
Jamison, Dale
Johnson, Jamie
Kelinman, Mary
Kelly, Pamela
Less, Mike

Melkin, Reed
Miller, Henry
Mitchell, Michael
Morris, Mary
Nicholson, Blan
Noyes, Ralph
Perusquia, Tina
Phillips, Mimi
Ratner, Susan
Richter, Robert
Robb, Mike
Rose, Scott
Schatz, Jerry
Smith, Valerie
Stukenborg, Fred
Timmons, Brice
Weisman, Larry
Worley, Pat
Yarborough, Elizabeth




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